Thursday, November 22, 2012

Honda's Modulo Concept in Thailand

Honda's Brio is fitted out with a skirt kit, visors, rear spoiler and a shiny aluminum gas cap.

Honda's Jazz is fitted out with alloy wheels, skirt kit, a rear spoiler and a sporty lower rear bumper.

Honda's City gains a skirt kit, visors and a Modulo front grille.

Honda's CR-V gets alloy wheels, skirt kit, Modulo front grille, visors and a contrasting lower front lip.

Honda's Civic Sedan receives a skirt kit, alloy wheels, a Modulo front grille, fog lights and visors. 
The Modulo Concept was born in November 1996 at the Honda Access Sales Company in Japan. Modulo was introduced to put a new standard in car accessories. Modulo was eventually rolled out across Japan and Southeast Asia, making its Thailand appearance on the 2006 Honda Civic.

Since then, multiple Honda models have been given the Modulo treatment. Simply put, this is basically a group of Honda accessories put together on an existing car. Here's a look at the current Thailand models that are given the Modulo treatment. 


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